Lucky Charms

That boost the brand awareness & play rates

The majority of the advertisement in the gambling industry are TV-commercials and some prints! - and they are all about:

Winning the grand price and leaving the daily routines to enjoy a new sweet life...

That is great! ...But it is also "old news" and maybe well remembered by now ...

How about getting reminded about vital information on: How, where and when to play!

The best way to do that, got to be having something with you at all times that you repeatedly: hear, sees and touch?

Touch (A): By activating the sense of touch, it makes it easier to remember things and regain past feelings in the subconscious mind.

Hear (B): Smell and sounds are saved easier in the long-term memory. Together with a positive experience, it will be recalled as a very pleasant feeling.

See (C): To compete for the visual memory space, it has to be an over-the-top extra ordinary emotional punch that are getting send, simply because of the extreme amount of visual input we already receives on a daily base.

A lucky charm, that reminds us to play, and give us the lucky numbers that will change our life.

This will give you the numbers to play - Which again will give you the  feeling of winning, which is an increase of indophines rolling in the brain! - Which in reality is the true reward that we seek and cherries!


MAHM is a Danish industrial design company that invents, develops and delivers tailored innovative marketing concepts and products to retail and service companies. By infotainment & gamification of merchandise and packaging design.

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